ColourPop Galore……

Good Afternoon lovelies!  Welcome back for blog number 3.  It is pouring today in Miami and while I am binge watching “Pretty Little Liars” (I’m on season 4) and the rain is echoing against my windows and roof  I thought it was the perfect time to pull out the lap top and reach out to my lovelies.

Okay so today I wanted to share my love for the makeup brand “ColourPop.”   I am not a huge make up expert but I do know of some products that this Belle believes is very efficient.  My suggestions will have you looking like a million bucks while you may be feeling like insufficient funds.

Just repeat after me “ColourPop is my new best friend.”

Lovelies this make up brand is only 3 years old but can do so much!  Now let me start by stating that it is incredibly affordable.  One lip product will only set you back $6! Did I also mention that first time customers get $5 off their order?? Oh and currently the site is having a sale.  Free domestic shipping on orders $30 and over.  Lovelies you cannot go wrong with this brand!  I first came across their stuff via Instagram’s popular page.  I would see pictures of their super shock eye shadow swatches….which let me just say you cannot go wrong with either!  Can you tell how much I am in love with this brand??  It wasn’t until an old college friend of mine purchased one of their very popular super shock shadows in the shade “So Quiche” and swatched it on her Snapchat that I took the plunge and placed an order.  Once my package arrived I forever volunteered as tribute to the “ColourPop” God’s.

My personal favorites from the brand are their “Super Shock Highlighters” and “Ultra Matte Lip.”  Both products are highly pigmented and amazing quality while not taking a major chunk out of your wallet.

The shades I highly recommend is “Churro.”  It was a limited edition highlighter which has been back for a few months now and if there is any luck in this world or at least not just in Ireland it will remain on the site.  It is not too dark or light….just right.  It is as described on the website being “coppery peach with flips of gold shimmer and silver glitter.”  Lovelies I promise you this highlighter will be a gem in your make up bag.  “ColourPop” highlighters will set you back $8.00  A few other shades that I believe look fab. are “Candy man,” “Wisp,” “Whipped,” and “Iced.”  Yes I am fully aware that the “Becca” cosmetics “Champagne highlighter is T.D.F. and I will admit that is one of my items on my “Sephora wish list” however these “Super Shock” highlighters will give you that glow that people will be thinking you have slept on a gold mine.

“ColourPop” Ultra Matte Lips will truly make your lips POP!  As I previously stated the products cost $6.00  And they are full size products too!  The Ultra Mattes are true mattes and incase they are too drying for your lips I suggest applying some “Chap-stick” (my favorite is the peppermint flavored one) or some “EOS” lip balm  ( mine is the coconut milk.)  Do not apply heavily just a tad to soften and hydrate the lips.  After a few minuets apply some “ColourPop” Ultra Matte Lip.  The three shades I highly recommend while they have several beautiful and unique shades are “Trap,” Beeper,” and “Bumble.”  Yes, there can be some slight transfer but lovelies I can assure you these products are far beyond worth a slight lipstick ring around your glass.

When it comes to their “Super Shock” eye shadows all are amazingly pigmented and with the right eye shadow primer (my must have is “Too Faced” eye shadow insurance)  your eye shadows will be in a constant state of glow.  The eye shadows are $5.00

My recommendations for a popping eye look for the summer of 2017 are:

  • “Dare”
  • “Coconut”
  • “Cusp”
  • “Sunset Blvd”
  • “cheeky”
  • “Sailor”
  • “Wattles”

Well lovelies the time has come for me to return back to my reality but I shall be back…… Keep Calm and Share my Blog 🙂


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