A Summer’s Day in Florida……


     Welcome back to my Shell lovelies!  I hope summer is treating you all well.  Summer in the “Sunshine State” has been a little wet at first but we seem to finally be getting into our intensely hot (however we got nothing on Arizona.  Any readers from Arizona you have my sympathies lovelies.  Stay inside)  routine.  Now that I am sitting on my bed with the intro of  “The Devil Wears Prada” playing in the background I thought now would be a good time to share with you all some of my favorite “Summer to do’s.”  Let’s get started shall we?

 Okay given that I am from Florida and am a major Disney lovers I can’t help but suggest a stay at “Walt Disney World Resort.”  Yes it does get VERY crowded given the season and a variety of people either being off or taking time off of work to go where Mickey resides however I would be lying if I didn’t say how magical it is going and being at a place where truly for one day or longer where the thought of work and responsibilities completely subsides well until the bill comes anyway!  However, heading to the “Disney World” parks during the summer is a hard NO for myself.  Yes I am a Disney lover and cannot get enough of my “Happy Place” however, thankfully I am fortunate enough to only live about 3 and half to 4 hours away from it so I save my photo op on “Splash Mountain” until late Sept. or Oct.  I must add though Lovelies that one of my “summer must do’s” that is Disney related but not necessary to have to stay in overly long lines to board a ride is staying at a Disney resort for some R&R.  If there is interest I will gladly write another blog about my Disney resort recommendations!


Another “Summer Must Do” is lounging at home and watching a feel good movie or show.  Lately I have been thinking about getting or requesting for my birthday the series “Mad About You” on DVD at “Walmart.”  Yes, I buy shows that I really love on DVD and no I am not someone that if it is not on “Netflix” I will not watch it.  I’m old school baby.  I need me some 90’s Pre always technology based world, still using house phones and no social media television viewing.  Now i’m not saying that you have to watch this show however do I recommend it? Of course!  Some movies and shows that I suggest that I personally feel that for a good hour or so can help you relax and appreciate film and television for what it has and can bring into our lives whether it be humor, innovation, tears, or just pure relaxation and not having to deal with our actual lives would be:

“Mad About You” – series

“The Goodbye Girl”- film (older and newer version are both great!)

” The First Wives Club”-film

The Office” – series (American version)

Nine Months”- film

You’ve Got Mail”-film


Gilmore Girls”-series

One Fine Day”-film

Other “Summer Must Do’s” of mine would be trying or going somewhere new!  Currently I have gone to a new science museum that has opened in Downtown Miami which is a tourist zone for any readers thinking  of taking a trip to South Florida.  It is called the “Philip and Patricia Frost Science Museum.”  Lovelies I must say this museum was a great place for both adults and kids.  Fun, engaging, and educational along with some panoramic views of Downtown Miami from certain areas of the museum.  I went a week ago for my boyfriend’s 30th birthday. I went into it feeling hopeful that I would enjoy it but cautious as well since I myself am not a science person and left there with a smile on my face and already trying to figure out when I can return with him and my little sister.

Another adventure I will be partaking in this weekend is going to an off Broadway production of “Finding Never land” and “Painting with a Twist.”  I am a Broadway lover and have only seen a handful of productions because I can be picky with which shows I want to go see but I have been very fortunate to have seen the amazing Idina Menzel on Broadway.  But that’s for another blog 😉  “Finding Never land” I hope will be a lovely and wonderful experience/ date night.  It was a show my boyfriend chose who was in a Broadway mood when he came up with the idea to go see it.  We were both watching the “Tony Awards” that evening.  “Hamilton” I shall see you one day!

“Painting with a Twist” I am extremely curious to see how it will go given that I have minimal creativity in my veins but i’m excited!! Can you sense it through your screens? May the painting god’s run within me Saturday night.

I love participating in the arts whether it be a full on personal experience or just viewing it.  Keeps me off my phone which is what I wish for others as well and keeps me and anyone else who joins me in tune with creativity and appreciation for others talents are and who are willing to share it with the world.  I want to live a life not fully centered on myself and doing what everyone else is doing or going. 

Now I know many summer must do’s include traveling, going to the beach, etc. but I wanted this blog to be a little bit different.  I wanted to offer a different point of view and suggestions that you might not get somewhere else. 

Feel free to read and pass it along and don’t be shy to leave a comment and follow! Have a good one lovelies! 




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